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Creating Successful Teams in Joomla

One of the things that's often talked about in Joomla is how to create effective teams. Recently, there have been several teams in the developer community which seem to have fallen apart. This post isn't about trying to blame individuals but look at what we can learn, and improve things so that teams can be more effective and Joomla can get better quality features whilst using its volunteers efficiently.

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Joomla Structure Reforms

Recently an issue of contention in the Joomla community has been the structural reform program that leadership has been voting on. I voted in favour of this proposal and this blog post will try and set out the logic behind my decision.

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Retrieving a database query in Joomla

Something that was mentioned several times at Joomla Day UK 2013 was the desire to be able to dump out the database query in a format that you can copy and paste straight into phpMyAdmin (or similar). In fact such a function already exists in the Joomla Database library called replacePrefix. This is about how to use it.

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