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About Me

About me

George Wilson

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Enthusiastic, inquisitive and innovative

What I do

Software Engineer / Web Design


July 20, 1992

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July 2018 / Present

Principal Consulting Engineer, Automation Logic

Working at various high profile government clients improving the Devops culture and improving the experience of the developers across various software stacks.

  • Combination of both Windows and Linux machines in different clients

  • Azure - App Services, VMs combined with a large variety of PAAS and SAAS products

  • Improved Management of Kubernetes Infrastructure

  • CI/CD with Octopus Deploy, Jenkins and Azure Devops

  • Artifactory for image stores and npm/maven caching etc.

  • Managed SonarQube Instances to ensure quality of code

  • Devops lead for multiple releases of different services

  • Deployments/Infrastructure Management with Ansible, Terraform and Desired State Configuration

  • Used software engineer experience to ensure developers were aware of the reasoning behind changes made by dev teams

  • Managed Patching process across machines

January 2016 / July 2018

Software Engineer, iProov

At iProov I gained experience on working on fullstack development especially on server architecture and webservice development.
iProov is a biometrics company focusing on simple, secure authentication using facial recognition. iProov has given me unique experience with the AWS technology stack, building custom applications with python, PHP and using server to client messaging with SocketIO, and inter-server messaging with RabbitMQ.
  • Architected webservices and OAuth server
  • Experience with MongoDB
  • Experience in Python, Node and PHP Frameworks
  • Release Lead
  • Migrated service from AWS to Azure
  • Migrated build scripts from Bash to Ansible

July 2014 / December 2015

Senior Web Developer, Virya Group

At Virya Group I gained experience building custom Joomla solutions for clients.
Virya Group is a full-service digital agency, with customer-focused service to clients around the world. My job involved interacting with clients to produce bespoke custom Joomla solutions to their business needs.
  • Joomla CMS! Websites
  • PHP, Javascript & CSS
  • Joomla Component Architecture
  • Customer Communication

My Skills


  • Experience in fullstack development
  • High Level PHP Knowledge
  • Medium Level Python Knowledge
  • Low Level Node Knowledge
  • Experience in server/server and client/server messaging


  • Ansible & Bash

  • Packer
  • Azure
  • Windows & Linux

  • Kubernetes


  • Release Lead for Joomla and iProov
  • Joomla Production leadership for 2 years
  • Joomla Framework Lead since 2017-2018
  • Joomla Board Member 2018 - Present